A unique conservation project to establish a new nature reserve in the heart of Africa.

Wildlife & Wilderness Africa is a truly unique project that aims to acquire an area of land in the heart of Africa's wilderness, for the benefit of wildlife.


The idea behind the project came about after our founder, Mark Oliver, recently visited two wildlife conservancies in Kenya and South Africa, both of which had lost almost all of their wildlife, following years of ever increasing human encroachment and habitat destruction.  "It was awful to see such barren wilderness in what were once thriving wildlife havens," says Mark.  "The loss of wildlife and destruction of habitat was quite shocking."  Mark's visits to Africa were the catalyst to establishing the project and one of the main reasons he wanted to set up Help for the Wild.  "If we continue taking the land at the rate we are doing today, there is no future for wildlife, it really is as simple as that."

Help for the Wild's funding will play a key role in the ongoing management of the project and will be instrumental in ensuring a long term future, not only for the wildlife that will inhabit the area, but also for the local communities that currently share the land.

Would you like to be part of this unique project?

Each year a place on the decision making committee will be made available to a member of the public.  This  incredible opportunity means you could be playing an active role in the development of this project.  We are currently establishing a Board of Advisors who will be leading the project. 

If you would like to know more and would like to be considered for the position, please write to us (by email,) with a brief resumé and tell us why you think you would be suitable for the position. 

Please address your email to:  africaproject@helpforthewild.org

​​Over the next few months Mark and the team from Help for the Wild will be working with a number of conservation organisations and a local NGO in South Africa, gathering information and identifying what will be needed to establish a new wildlife conservancy.  The committee will be looking at suitable areas of land that can be established as a self sustaining wildlife conservancy.  The key requirement being that the land must be managed as a natural habitat for the benefit of the area's indigenous wildlife.


Three possible locations have already been identified & initial investigations are now underway to establish the viability of each site.

The team will be looking at a number of other locations across Africa where wildlife including the 'Big 5', Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo, used to thrive, as well as existing conservation projects and success stories. 


Wildlife & Wilderness Africa is a long term project, a project that everyone can support and be a part of.  Supporters will play a key role in this exciting new project and be instrumental in its development and long term future.  Along with Wildlife & Wilderness UK, the project will become the collective legacy of everyone who has supported Help for the Wild, whether that be through taking part in any of our events or sponsoring someone else, or contributing directly to the cause.


We will be continuously updating this page as the project develops, so please bookmark the page and be sure to follow us for all the latest news.   You can also follow the project via the Wildlife & Wilderness Africa Facebook page.

Please consider supporting this unique project by making a donation.  All donations to the project will be DOUBLED, thanks to a very kind and generous sponsor.

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