Beginning in September, children of all ages will be joining forces to kick-start an extraordinary 12 month fundraising campaign.

Schools all over the UK will be joining forces to take part in an extraordinary campaign, aiming to raise £millions to help protect our planet's natural environment and the amazing wildlife that depend on it.

Back in May 2017, 100 primary schools from all over the UK took part in a mass sponsored Walk for the Wild.  Over 25,000 children took part, all walking at the same time, at schools and other venues around the country, helping to raise money for their favourite animal & nature charities.  We set out to prove that when children get together and campaign for something they feel strongly about, great things can happen. 

Oldfield Park Junior School
Bath, Somerset
Trafalgar Infant School
Sabden Primary School
Clitheroe, Lancashire
James Allen's Girls School
Dulwich, London
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From just 100 schools, over £75,000 was raised for 38 different wildlife charities, animal welfare organisations and conservation projects in the UK and around the world, setting an example of what could be achieved when everyone comes together.  Just imagine what will be achieved next year when every school takes part!

Walk 4 the Wild is not just about raising money for good causes, it's a great way to introduce children to nature and to get everyone thinking about how we can all do our bit to help protect the environment.  We all know walking is good for you and walking in the great outdoors is especially good for the soul, so when the children asked us to put together this unique event to send out a message to the world, we had to listen.


Walk 4 the Wild will be raising money for wildlife and habitat conservation projects, locally, nationally and around the world, projects that will have a significant impact on our planet, long after the event has finished.  As well as supporting wildlife charities and animal welfare organisations, schools will be able to use the event to raise money to plant trees or create wildlife areas and insect habitats within their school grounds, something everyone agrees should be an essential aspect of every school. 


Unlike other organised sponsored walks, schools can choose where to walk, how far to walk and more importantly which charity or project to raise money for.  But together, the message is the same - 'Wildlife and Nature matters'.  The children have spoken and we have to listen!

So on behalf of the children, let's all get behind them and support their determination to make a difference.

​Schools, You will be receiving a FREE Fundraising & Registration Pack at the start of the summer term, but if you would like to receive your pack sooner, please fill out the form below.


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Oldfield Park Junior School

Bath, Somerset