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We are delighted to be supporting and working together with many wildlife charities and conservation organisations in the UK and around the world. 

Please click on any of the logos below, to go straight to the charity's website, or search by category for further information about individual organisations. 


Badger Trust Is a registered charity which promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats. It represents and supports local voluntary badger groups throughout Britain, provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the RSPCA, the police and others.  Website

The British Deer Society founded in 1963 is the principal organisation focusing on deer welfare and promoting their conservation in balance with the environment.  The society protects the welfare of the six species of wild deer within the United Kingdom and promotes general awareness through a programme of education, research, deer management training, exhibitions and shows.   Website

The British Trust for Ornithology aids the conservation of Britain’s birds by providing facts and figures on bird populations and movements. Thousands of birdwatchers volunteer and carry out surveys across the nation, gathering information upon which many conservation policies and practices are based.   Website


Buglife - Saving the small things that run the planet.  Invertebrates are not just in trouble in the UK. The problems facing bugs here (loss of and damage to habitats, habitats becoming isolated, climate change, pollution and so on) are present across the world.   Website

Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies and moths. Butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our environment. They connect us to nature and contribute to our wellbeing. Three quarters of the UK’s butterfly species have declined during the last decade; this is a warning that cannot be ignored. Butterfly Conservation improves landscapes for butterflies and moths, creating a better environment for us all.  Website

Froglife is a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats they depend on.  Since 1989 Froglife has been at the heart of efforts to conserve native amphibians and reptiles.  Throughout this time Froglife has initiated a number of national and regional projects, and remains a central voice for public advice on issues surrounding reptile and amphibian conservation.   Website

​Lynx UK Trust are a group of conservationists dedicated to reintroducing the lynx back into the ecosystem of the British Isles for the first time in 1,300 years.  They are currently engaged in research to identify potential release sites and to carry out a full public consultation on opinions towards reintroduction of these cats to the UK.  Website

The Mammal Society is a charity advocating science-led mammal conservation, leading efforts to collect and share information on mammals, encourage research to learn more about their ecology, distribution and contribute meaningfully to efforts to conserve them.  They support an ever-growing network of experts and enthusiasts all working to survey, monitor, research and conserve mammals, learn more about them and secure their future in the British Isles & Ireland.  Website

Save Me Trust is a charity that speaks out about the cruel minority in our society that feel it is their right to persecute and torture wildlife for sport. Save Me spends much of its time in Parliament lobbying MPs and trying to find a solution to the badger cull and to prevent the repeal of the fox hunting act.  Save Me will continue to fight for wildlife injustices and, in short, Save Me gives wildlife a voice.  Website



WildAid's mission is to raise awareness of British wildlife by promoting understanding and respect for wildlife and the natural environment through education.  Their vision is that young people are empowered to care about the natural world.  WildAid brings the awe and wonder of the natural world into young people's lives to make a positive difference to their lives and for wildlife.  Website


AfriCat UK works to ensure the big cats of Namibia can run free in the wild.  Facing habitat loss, persecution by farmers the numbers of carnivores are declining.  However through its education programme with  local communities/ schools, offering support based on research, AfriCat is helping to ensure the long term future for carnivores, that benefits local communities and that ensures ‘they’ can live in their natural habitat.   Website

Cheetah Conservation Fund UK with HQs in Namibia, is dedicated to saving the iconic wild cheetah, the planets fastest land animal, from extinction. The cheetah is the most endangered big cat in Africa with only 7,100 remaining, about 50% of these in Namibia.  CCF develops successful conservation programmes to tackle the problems facing the cheetah’s survival and its ecosystem, including human wildlife conflict and habitat loss.   Website

Crocodiles of the world Foundation is the UK’s only crocodile zoo and is dedicated to crocodilian conservation.  Home to 17 species of crocodilian, including critically endangered species.  The Foundation supports conservation programmes and research around the world, as well as promoting awareness of environmental issues affecting crocodiles.  Their aim is to make the world a more compassionate place for these amazing animals.   Website

​​Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction.  They look out for both elephants and human families, funding pioneering solutions such as elephant corridors.  They work through a network of first class conservation partners, empowering local experts rather than imposing Western ideas on operations.   Website

Helping Rhinos - Leading conservation and education initiatives that will ensure the long term survival of rhino and other endangered wildlife in their natural habitat.  Website

International Otter Survival Fund Is dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters.  Because the otter lives, feeds and plays on land and in the water and is at the peak of the food chain, it is an ambassador species to a first class environment. IOSF was set up to protect and help the 13 species of otter worldwide through a combination of compassion and science.  They support many projects to protect otters, which will also ensure a healthy environment for all species, not just otters.   Website

LionAid works globally to save lions and end the decline of wild lion populations, carrying out world leading research into lion conservation.  They are at the forefront of highlighting the true plight of lion populations, canned/captive hunting and the trophy hunting trade.  Website


Painted Dog Conservation UK - Painted Dogs, also known as African Wild Dogs, are unique to Africa and they are among this continent's most endangered species.  Their mission is to protect and increase the range and numbers of the painted dog (Lycaon pictus) both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa.  They are committed to creating a conservation model built on education, community involvement and international support.   Website


Shark Trust are based in the UK and work around the world to safeguard shark and ray populations.  As well as working to improve policy and fisheries regulations, they also strive to support positive change in the way that everyone relates to sharks; whether fishermen, tourists, retailers or consumers.  Website



​​Space for Giants is an international conservation charity, with more than a decade of experience facilitating the conservation and management of African elephants, and the landscapes they depend on.  Headquartered in Kenya, the charity focuses on developing and delivering anti-poaching initiatives, securing protected landscapes for elephants, tackling human-wildlife conflict and providing conservation training and education.  Website

Sumatran Orangutan Society works to protect orangutans, their forests and their future.  They support frontline conservation programmes and campaign on issues threatening the survival of orangutans in the wild, including rainforest restoration and developing community conservation initiatives.   Website

​Whale and Dolphin Conservation is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins.  They defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats they face through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research and rescue.  Website


WildCats Conservation Alliance is a partnership between Zoological Society of London and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, based in Regent’s Park, London.  Thanks to the generosity of their partners they can continue to channel 100% of donations they receive directly to conservation projects that protect wild tigers and Amur leopards.  Website



Wild Futures is a UK primate welfare and conservation charity rescuing, campaigning, educating & providing sanctuary to primates in need.  They also support projects overseas, working to protect primates and habitats worldwide. Their flagship project The Monkey Sanctuary in Looe Cornwall, is a safe haven for monkeys rescued from situations of abuse and neglect and known internationally for the work it does.  Website

​Wildlife Heritage Foundation (incorporating the Big Cat Sanctuary) is dedicated to the captive breeding of endangered big cats within the European Endangered Species Programmes (EEP) with the eventual aim of providing animals for scientifically based re-introduction to the wild.  WHF assists in the conservation of the world’s endangered big cats by promoting and funding field conservation projects and provides a research base for people interested in the study of big cats in captivity.  Website

Wildlife Vets International helps save & protect rare & endangered species worldwide.  They do vital veterinary work which is an essential part of many conservation projects. Their world-class veterinary team works at the cutting edge of conservation medicine.  With funding and practical support from WVI, specialist wildlife veterinary surgeons work on the ground alongside local organisations who are battling to save endangered animals across the globe.  Website


The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH) based at Paradise Wildlife Park is a registered charity with a very knowledgeable and passionate team that provides care for animals and raises funds to support wildlife conservation projects both in the UK and around the globe.  The projects they support range from indigenous British species such as hedgehogs and water voles, to red pandas and tigers.  A key focus for ZSH is the conservation, in their natural habitat, of many of the threatened and endangered species you will see in the park.  Website


Freshwater Habitats Trust is an evidence-based conservation charity aiming to protect all freshwater life for everyone to enjoy.  Working in partnership with many people, organisations and communities to raise awareness and encourage participation.  The freshwater environment is under threat everywhere and through strong practical action backed by sound research-based information we can help stop the decline of freshwater habitats and wildlife.   Website


Rainforest Trust UK  is a new UK-registered conservation charity that is working in partnership with Rainforest Trust in the USA.  Rainforest Trust is a world leader in wildlife conservation and has already placed over 16 million acres of threatened rainforest under protection, from Borneo to the Amazon.  100% of the money you raise will go directly to the conservation projects themselves.  Also, every single donation is being doubled by a generous donor, making your money work twice as hard for wildlife and rainforests!   Website



The Seahorse Trust is an environmental, educational, research and conservation charity that has been set up as an umbrella organisation to preserve and conserve the natural world, land, sea and air using Seahorses as the flagship species and to educate others about the natural world.  They aim to work in partnership with nature and others to the betterment of the natural world as a whole.  This they hope will break down barriers and help to move conservation forward more quickly.  Website

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