Collaboration is key!

Only by working together and collaborating do we stand any chance of reversing the decline in numbers of many species, or in halting man's relentless destruction of wildlife habitat.

Help for the Wild has been set up to address an urgent call to action to help preserve our planet's natural environment and to help protect wildlife around the world.  We work to support critically important habitat conservation projects and projects of wildlife charities, animal welfare organisations and rescue centres around the world, organising unique fundraising events that make a huge difference. 

About Us


We have been talking to schools and schoolchildren all over the UK, all of whom feel that time is running out and that unless everyone works together, the future for our planet and for wildlife looks bleak.  The message we keep hearing is clear, 'We want to help, but we don't know which charities to support, or which projects are going to have the biggest impact.'

We have spent the last 3 years talking to environmental conservationists, wildlife experts & animal charities and most importantly you, the public, to establish how best to protect wildlife around the world and equally the habitat and ecosystems they depend on for survival.  Our undercover team have been investigating the work of environmental conservation organisations and animal charities around the world, looking at how they operate.  We have been compiling a list of organisations who we feel happy to work with and who we know spend their money wisely.  To that end we have pledged to bring together a team of dedicated individuals, all of whom are committed to doing everything they can to ensure that the concerns of the next generation are met and to ensure that the money raised through our events is given to charities and other organisations who are making a real difference at ground level.

And now we are ready to put all that work into practice.  We have teamed up with a number of charities and other organisations dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat.  We will be putting together unique fundraising events to raise money for the projects of our charity partners, in a collaborative effort to protect and safeguard habitat and wildlife around the world.

We operate as a Not-For-Profit Organisation and as such we have no shareholders.  All of the money earned or donated to us is either given to our charity partners to be spent directly on their projects and activities, or donated to our Habitat Projects or our Wildlife Aid Fund.

Mark Oliver

CEO & Founder

Who We Are

Charlie Pass

Conservation Director

Barry Kerr

Africa Project Director

Mike Matthews

Finance Director

Tara Ray

Marketing Manager

Shelley Lozano

Event Co-ordinator

Nicki Oliver

Schools Co-ordinator


Youth Ambassador


Youth Ambassador

Simon King OBE


“I wholeheartedly support this initiative.  It is a great opportunity for everyone to step up to help nature.”

Sir Paul McCartney


“You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals”

Ed Byrne

Youth Ambassador

“As an avid walker, there is nothing better than being in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature.  Walk 4 Wildlife is such a great idea and I hope everyone gets involved."

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