We are extremely grateful to the 100, all of whom have backed our vision and belief that Wildlife Matters.

With their support we have been able to launch Help for Wildlife and with it our pledge to raise £100 million for wildlife conservation over the next 10 years.

In a world seemingly obsessed with greed and wealth there are still some organisations and individuals who are prepared to make a stand for the greater good.  We cannot express enough, our gratitude and thanks to all the 100 organisations and individuals who have pledged their support, both financially and otherwise.


Indirectly The 100 are responsible for securing a future for many of our planet's endangered species.  They had the foresight to back our vision and in doing so kick-started our pledge to help raise money for wildlife conservation projects around the world.  We and future generations will be forever grateful that The 100 came together to make this happen. 


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